Spring 2020 Region 6 Writing Assignment

How Can I be Connected in a Social Distancing World?

I can connect in many ways, carefully, in this Social Distancing world. I had to learn quickly how to stay connected once I started working from home and remaining at home as of March 20th, 2020. Thankfully, the meetings in New York were able to transition pretty quickly to online video conferencing so I could not just see and hear my fellows, but I was more easily able to attend meetings that were typically far away or on weekdays I wasn’t available before life changed as I knew it.
For today, I stay connected to my fellows by checking in via text or calls. I stay connected to my Higher Power by getting on my knees and praying every morning, writing step work and talking with my sponsees, daily. I stay connected to Mother Nature daily by running carefully in the middle of the road away from others, breathing in the fresh-er air with fewer cars on the road. I stay connected to my body by stretching regularly.
I stay connected to my program by attending meetings more often than usual and attending loving fellowships with some of my favorite fellows. I stay connected to my Humility by remaining in service. I take my service commitments seriously and find speakers, re-write meeting formats for this online environment, organizing Special Events, attending board meetings, holding committee meetings, agreeing to talk with struggling fellows and newcomers (with healthy boundaries), I cook dinner for my partner who is literally saving lives, I call my mother with a loving voice, I share in meetings and I take pauses throughout my day so I can be present at work.
These are ways I stay connected today. Hugs are helpful, but I can remain connected to my Higher Power, my program and myself without hugs from others. Sometimes I hug myself in the mirror when I remind myself that I love the woman I am (with God’s help) today!

Erin B.

I can stay connected by doing all the things that I have learned to do in OA.  Now I attend more ZOOM meetings, make phone calls.  Luckily I live in a neighbor where we all walk around waving at a safe distance.  As a webmaster, I helped install a contribution “donate” button on oambi.org.  If it weren’t for OA, I wouldn’t have so many friends to connect with and I wouldn’t be connected with my family like I am today.
Jeanne K.

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