Be a trustee

Please consider applying for the position of trustee on the OA Board of Trustees.

Our region can, and should, submit nominees for trustee each year. We are not limited to one nominee, and our nominations are not related to the term for our assigned trustee liaison.

Candidates wishing to be affirmed for nomination should apply by the August submission deadline for the Fall Assembly, where representatives vote on applications. Affirmed nominee applications are sent on to the World Service Office, and are voted upon by delegates at the next World Service Business Conference, held in May. After WSBC, the board of trustees assigns those elected as trustee liaisons to particular regions and/or to the executive committee.

The link to the Trustee Nomination application and instructions for completing it are found on, at the bottom of the Frequently Used Documents list.

Be a Region 6 board member

To be eligible to serve, candidates must:

  • Be attending OA meetings within Region 6.
  • Have two years of current continuous abstinence from compulsive overeating, each person being the sole judge of his or her abstinence.
  • And one or more of the following:
  • Have served as a region representative or alternate at two of the past four Region 6 Assemblies immediately preceding the election, AND possess a year of active service at the intergroup level.
  • OR
  • Have attended three of the past six assemblies immediately preceding the elections.

    Read the duties for chair, vice chair, treasurer, secretary, coordinator and website and publications coordinator in our bylaws, beginning on page 29.

    Prospective board members must apply to the coordinator by the August deadline for Fall Assembly, at which representatives vote on candidacies. Applications are available from the coordinator, or via download.