Twelfth Step work isn’t only about introducing the OA program of recovery to those compulsive eaters who have never heard of OA. Among us, we have still-suffering compulsive eaters who are already in the rooms. Members in relapse and those who may have taken a break from program and meetings suffer greatly and are in need of a caring connection and our support. 

The Region Six 12th Step Within Committee invites intergroups to engage in important 12th Step Within action!

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Resources for Relapse Prevention and Recovery on

Whether you want to avoid relapse, you’ve been slipping or you’re struggling to break free from relapse, these resources on may be helpful.

Click here for relapse prevention and recovery resources.

Recovery from Relapse meetings

You can find a list of Recovery from Relapse meetings on by following going to Find a meeting and selecting online > pick your day > additional search options > Special topic > Recovery from Relapse > Find a meeting). To make it a little easier for you, the links below will take you to meetings by day of the week.

Friday (none at time link was set, but maybe now)

Sponsorship Resources

The Region Six Twelfth Step Within committee hopes the attached two documents will be helpful to new and experienced sponsors.  The Sponsorship Resources document includes links to many of the very helpful resources for sponsors that are available on  The Sponsorship Presentation was presented by the R6 TSW committee a Region 6 Forum meeting and includes information on two different sponsorship workshops in addition to the resource guide.

Click here for the Sponsorship Resources document

Click here for the Sponsorship Presentation

Sponsor Bank Presentation

There is a lot of interest in Region 6 in increasing the number of sponsors.  The Region Six 12th Step Within Committee interviewed Sponsor Bank Coordinators in several Intergroups and Regions and prepared the attached presentation to help interested Intergroups set up a Sponsor Bank.  

Click here for the Sponsor Bank presentation

Welcome Back: A New Beginning

The “Welcome Back: A New Beginning” workshop is a way to help your Intergroup reach out to the compulsive eater who has left the halls. 

To help you out, here are a proposed format, a list of helpful hints to hold a “Welcome Back” workshop and some topics for discussion during your workshop.  Scholarships may be available if your Intergroup needs financial help to hold the workshop; email for scholarship information.