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The Public Information/Professional Outreach (PI/PO) Committee of Region 6 (R6) of Overeaters Anonymous is appointed annually by the Board.

What the committee does:

  • Educate the public about Overeaters Anonymous (OA).
  • Share information about OA with clergy, community organizations, healthcare professionals, institutions, and people having compulsive food behavior.
  • Support PI/PO information and resource sharing and collection at the group (meeting), intergroup, service board, and region levels.
  • Be a liaison with groups, intergroups, service boards, regions, and World Service.
  • Assist in forming and supporting related committees at the group, intergroup, or service board level.
  • Support the creation and implementation of Regionwide PI/PO activities, campaigns, and events.
  • Administer the Blitz Funding program, which provides a financial incentive for intergroups and service boards to create, implement, and measure the results of activities, campaigns, and events designed to enhance or increase public information about or direct professional outreach toward Overeaters Anonymous.

Examples of PI/PO Committee activities:

    • Outreach campaigns to intergroups and service boards to inform them about the Blitz Funding process and to offer application assistance.
    • Maintaining a library of successful Blitz Funding applications to aid intergroups and service boards applying for funds.
    • Enabled a 20% increase in Blitz Funds available to Intergroups in FY 2023.
    • Edited the Blitz Funding application form to simplicity and clarity.

In 8 application cycles since 2018, the committee has recommended funding to 12 intergroups with an aggregate total of $32,243, ranging from $500 to $5,000.

PIPO data sheet:

R6 - What is PIPO - v5

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