Region 6 hosts two assemblies a year, once in spring and once in fall, in Albany, N.Y., which is deemed to be a central point in the region. Intergroups are entitled to a number of representatives based on the number of meetings supported by that intergroup.

Assemblies are where much of the region’s work is done. Intergroups, committees, and the region board are all allowed to propose new business, including bylaw amendments, policy changes, and policy amendments. Representatives consider, debate, and vote on changes brought before the assembly.

The region’s seven committees organize and/or meet during a break planned for the purpose, and then report back to the assembly any changes in leadership and direction that occurred during their meeting. Committees meet apart from assembly as well, but the assemblies provide two opportunities to meet in person each year. Assemblies afford chances for fellowship, committee collaborations, and other matters as well.

Scholarships are available to some representatives, based on an application process, and the region reimburses intergroups for the mileage that representatives incur in order to attend. Intergroups typically bear others costs required for them to be represented in matters of region business.