There are several ways of contacting Overeaters Anonymous.

Newcomers: If you are looking for information on local meetings, please visit your local intergroup website listed on the R6 Intergroups page, or contact World Service.

Please direct contributions, or inquiries about contributions, to the Region 6 treasurer. Please address all other R6 business correspondence to the coordinator.

Contact Region 6 board members directly by e-mail:

 Chairchair (at)
 Vice Chairvicechair (at)
 Coordinatorcoordinator (at)
 Secretarysecretary (at)
 Treasurertreasurer (at)
 Webmasterwebmaster (at)
 Trusteetrustee (at)

(Replace the “(at)” with “@” to correctly send email)

For more general information on Overeaters Anonymous
Please visit the OA World Service website at
or write to:
World Service Office
Box 44727
Rio Rancho, NM 87174-4727
or call:
(505) 891-2664