R6 Fall Assembly 2018 Writing Assignment

This is what I do to make the newcomer feel welcome at their first meeting.
Voici ce que je fais pour que le nouveau se sente bien accueilli a sa première réunion.

I make them the center of attention. Everything I do ensures that they are comfortable. I ensure that my OA buddies at the meeting go to the back burner. I am responsible to get the message of recovery to the newcomer. If I can give a sliver of hope to the newcomer, they, like me, might consume program like the food I used to eat.

  • Chuck F.

With a smile on my face I reach out my hand and say, “Hello, welcome.My name is Kate. We are here to help you.”

  • Kate K.

I started a new OA support group in New London, CT in August of last year. As newcomers come to our meeting I try to greet them at the door. If I see them looking scared or unsure, I put out my hand and introduce myself and shake their hand. I ask others to introduce themselves only if the meeting has not started yet. I tell them that they are welcome to sit anywhere. Always “smiling.” The meeting begins…

….after the meeting, I ask them if they have any questions and try to set them up with someone they can call for questions during the week. I then ask them to come again and have a good week!

I ask their name and introduce myself.
I ask if this is their first meeting, where are they from, how did they find out about OA. Introduce them as members as they come in.
I give them my phone number and take their phone number. Ask if they mind if I call them.
Tell them they can they can call me if they have any questions
I call them a couple of days later and ask if they have any questions and give them my positive experience of OA.

Whenever I’m at a meeting where I am aware that newcomers are present, I make the effort to welcome them, introduce myself, offer to answer questions or concerns from my own experience, strength and hope, and offer to be available for phone contact if desired. What I intend to do in the future is volunteer to be a member who is willing to sit down with a newcomer to go through a newcomer packet with them.

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