Assembly Bytes – Fall 2020

Officer Elections

Each year, three of the six officers’ terms expire.  This year, the Vice Chair, Treasurer and Region 6 Secretary were up for election.  After each candidate presented their qualifications to the Assembly and fielded questions, voting was held.

Election Results

  • Vice Chair:  Kimberly C. was elected to a two year term
  • Treasurer:  Karen C. was re-elected to a two year term
  • Region 6 Secretary:  Lynda B. was re-elected to a two year term
  • Region 6 Trustee:  Beth B. was affirmed, to be presented for election at the next World Service Business Conference.

Reference Subcommittee Elections

The reference subcommittee meets during WSBC lunch breaks and free time as needed to resolve issues created when several motions to amend are submitted for any particular main motion.  The reference subcommittee takes these motions and works on them to propose a new version of the motion amenable to all.

  • Ann B.  – Elected
  • Bruce   – Elected
  • (Alternate) – None

Writing Assignment

How has your program changed with the pandemic?

Responses will be posted on the website soon.

Committee Reports

Bylaws – Susan P. reported by Joan W – The Committee will be reviewing the following:

  • How the pandemic relates to Zoom meetings and update the by-laws
  • Definition of Overeater and how it relates to the by-laws
  • Job Descriptions to make sure they are appropriate and up-to-date
  • Create verbiage for Standing Rules
  • By-laws and how they work

Next Meeting in November

IGOR Chair Wayne R.

  • October 1& 2 was the 8th Intergroup Officer Renewal Workshop led by Don C.  There were 46 participants.
  • IGOR Summary now on Region 6 website
  • New link to contact IGOR committee:
  • Continue updating R6 Intergroup list, staying in touch with all Intergroup chairs
  • Created Google Docs with Sample Agenda and script to use to contact IGOR committee
  • Next meeting in November

PI/PO Chair Sasha H.

  • Newsletter with everything they are doing coming out soon.
  • Fall PI/PO Workshop to be held Sunday, November 1, 2020 from 2 to 4 pm Eastern Standard Time.  The workshop date will be included in this week’s issue of The Flash Newsletter and distributed at the 2020 Fall Assembly.
  • Reviewing how doing outreach in the time of COVID19 is working when not able to meet in person, reviewing how to reach more people.
  • Blitz – no one applied for funds this year

Finance Committee – Susan S.

Connie approved as Vice Chair, Susan, Secretary

  • Reviewed budget, made recommendations to board on finances involved.   
  • Possibly donate to World Service now to allow committees to have additional finances to be distributed at Board’s discretion. 
  • Committee will be looking for a new Accountant. 
  • Recommendations that all committees apply for funds as they require them. 
  • Next meet probably at the Assembly

Convention Committee – Carol G.

  • Over 500 fellows registered
  • Raffle Tickets will be purchased online and chosen randomly by the computer program
  • Keynotes all chosen
  • Discounted price of $17 for people out of US & Canada
  • 2021 either in Burlington, MA or Virtual
  • Discussed how difficult it was to cancel the contract
  • Hold off on decision whether in person or virtual as long as possible
  • Change name of Committee to R6 Assembly Convention Committee to clarify the roll of the committee
  • Reformatting the Convention Committee Manual

Web & Publications Committee – Needs a new committee chair.

  • Podcasts are very popular.  2,200 hits more which is more than the website.
  • Added donate button, events button, shares button.
  • Selected the writing assignment for the Assembly and will review submissions in relation to traditions, grammar, etc. prior to posting on website.
  • Reviewing the website to create more direct access to podcasts and other links, etc.
  • Looking for someone with WordPress experience to add pages, create separate site for each convention
  • Next Meeting November.

12 Step Within – Chair JP re-elected

  • New Project to support World Service – A new platform called the Welcoming room, with a New Service Position. Each Intergroup is being asked to provide staff from around the world to keep it open 24 hours a day.
  • The committee is reviewing language/proposed language so they can start sharing this with the Intergroups.

After Assembly, an invitation for next meeting and a draft letter for the committee to review will be sent out.

Traditions Tune-up

Beth, our R6 Trustee, will be sending the Traditions Tune-up to all participants following the Assembly.  Traditions Tune-up is the review of various meeting topics to help us have a better understanding whether a group member might be breaking an OA tradition.

Assembly Dates

  • Spring Assembly – April 9 – 10, 2021
  • Fall Assembly – September 24 – 25, 2021
  • Spring Assembly – April 1 – 2, 2022
  • Fall Assembly – September 16 – 17, 2022

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