Spring 2017 Approved Minutes





OA Meeting/ Representative Registration

There was an OA meeting 7:45-8:45 a.m.

First time representative registration was held 8:45-8:59a.m.


New Representatives Orientation

Region 6 Trustee Karin H explained the procedures of the Region 6 Assembly to the new representatives in attendance during the orientation that was held 9:00 – 9:45 a.m.


Opening Prayer/Welcome

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 am by Chair Debbie H. with The Serenity Prayer in English and in French.


12 Steps were read by: Nanc – Green Mountain North IG

12 Traditions were read by: Claire – Nassau County IG

Twelve Concepts 1-6 were read by: Sharon – Connecticut IG

Twelve Concepts 7-12 were read by: Francoise – Montreal English IG


The Chair made the following announcements:

  • There are 4 motions, 2 bylaws amendments and 2 policy amendments, to be voted on today.
  • We tried to give everyone his or her first or second choice. However we had to balance your choices with the needs of the assembly.

Treasurer, made the following announcements:

  • Revised mileage reimbursement forms are being uploaded to the website – $0.54 per mile
  • Scholarship recipients were reminded to submit the reimbursement form and receipts for their expenses
  • There will be a Workshop later in the afternoon presented by the Web & Publications Committee
  • Lifeline raffle

Vice Chair, Kelly, made the following announcements:

  • Lunch will be served at the Central Atrium Patio on the 1st Floor. Tickets, which were given out at registration, are required to obtain the lunch.
  • Brown baggers may only eat in the Hudson room which is next to the restaurant.
  • Next Assembly will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn.
  • OA literature is also available during the breaks.


The committee chairs were introduced and received a list of committee members


The Convention Committee announced several details about the Convention which will be held in Toronto, Canada in October 2017.


10:30 – 12:10 –Each committee broke out for their meetings

12:15 -1:10 pm – Lunch

1:15- 1:25p – Registration/Break


Serenity Prayer


Roll Call

The Secretary, Susan, did roll call for the Region 6 Assembly for April 16, 2016.  There were a total of 50 Region 6 Representatives and 6 Region 6 Board members.  Total voting was 56.  A Simple Majority was 29 and a 2/3’s Majority was 37.


Adoption of Standing Rules:

The Standing Rules were presented and adopted as presented.


Adoption of Agenda:

The agenda for today was adopted as amended.


Minutes Fall 2016 Region 6 Assembly:

Debbie H. asked if there were any corrections to the minutes.  Being none the minutes were accepted.


Vice Chair, Kelly, made the following announcements:

  • OA literature is also available during the breaks.
  • Next Assembly will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn.



Chair – Debbie

Parliamentarian – Ann Warner, Certified Professional Parliamentarian and a member of the American Institute of Parliamentarians

Secretary – Susan

Web & Publications – George

Coordinator – Mary T

Treasurer – Lyn C

Vice Chair – Kelly C

Trustee – Karin H


Former Officers:

Diana – Vice Chair and Chair

Don – Vice Chair

Karin – Vice Chair and Chair


World Service Officers

Tina Collins – General Service Trustee (Current)



Center Mic Monitor – Mary S., NYS Capital District IG

Timekeeper – Cathy C., Westchester United IG

Registration – Mary S. NYS Capital District IG & Bobbie Mass Bay IG


New Representatives and visitors were asked to stand.


Minutes Approval Volunteers

Jane H. North Shore IG & Cathy MBI IG


Officer Reports:

Officer’s reports were distributed last week via email and made available on-line.  Officers reviewed their reports.  Members were invited to ask questions of each officer.

Chair – no questions

Vice Chair – no questions

Treasurer –

Coordinator –

Secretary – Minutes are the secretary’s report – no questions

Website & Publications Coordinator –

Trustee – Karin reminded the assembly that all Intergroups need to update their bylaws for the definition of a group.  Karin’s term as trustee ends in May of 2018.  She asked everyone to stand up, and then read the qualifications.  As members did not qualify they sat down, until 12 people remained standing.


Committee Reports:

One member from each committee presented their Committee Summary Report as follows: Bylaws (Elaine T.), Convention (Lynda B., chair), Finance (Lyn C., chair), Web & Publications (Adam, chair), IGOR (Cheryl Y.), Twelfth Step Within (Jeanette S., chair), PIPO (Claire M., chair) and Unity with Diversity (JP,chair)


Writing Assignment for the Newsletter: What does serenity mean to you and how does OA help you achieve serenity on a daily basis? Please send emails to webmaster@oaregion6.org or give hand written pages to the Web & Publications Coordinator, George.  Please add “Writing Session” to the subject line. The deadline is April 22nd, 2017.


2:30 – 2:45 pm Break


Convention Committee presented a skit advertising the convention.


PI Caucus

Not required




BY-LAW/POLICY MOTIONS (order amended)

Motion 3 – Duties and responsibilities of the R6A Officers – Treasurer – Maintain a Prudent Reserve equal to fifty

(50) percent of the current annual budget’s expenses. There was an amended to the motion but it was not carried. The original motion was then revisited – Carried

Motion 1 – Donation to WSO – remove the definition of a prudent reserve from this policy – Carried

Motion 2 – Intergroup Scholarship Fund – Changing the deadline dates for scholarship applications – Carried

Motion 4 – To create a policy for the 7th Tradition Collection at Assembly – Failed


The Treasurer reviewed the budget, line by line, and presented the Motion to adopt 2017?2018 Budget – Carried





7th Tradition collected $226.52


3:38-4:00 p.m. – Break


Workshop by Web and Publications Committee –

Traditions Tune-up by Karin


Elections at next assembly – qualifications

Thanked Web and Publications committee for workshop

Bylaws committee has offered to do the workshop in the fall



Life Line Raffle – was won by Jill M of New Hampshire IG


First Timers Ceremony

Debbie H. had all the 1st timers come up to the front of the assembly and asked them to remove their blue dots from their name tags.  Debbie H. then said, “You now have your 1st REGION 6 ASSEMBLY behind you.


Chair Debbie H. formally made a motion to close the day of business at 5:15 with the OA Prayer.


Respectfully submitted by,



Susan Peters

Region 6 Secretary


Minutes Approval Committee

Jane H., North Shore Intergroup

Cathy, Mass Bay Intergroup


Committee Reports


Committee Chair: Dorothy

Committee Secretary: Elaine T.


Issues discussed during the meeting:

  • The group discussed our role; and also points about Bylaws vs. Policies and Procedures; this Assembly is voting on 4 Policies, not bylaws, which is why we weren’t involved in the vetting process.
  • Another discussion point was how changes occur when bylaws cite specific OA WSO bylaws. If the OA Bylaw changes, the bylaws of the IG must be changed to reflect those, and don’t have to be voted on, but should be brought to the group for discussion.
  • Difference between Bylaws and Procedures: Bylaws define who you are; Policies define how you operate.
  • Karin is reviewing Bylaws for groups that have sent them in, to verify they reflect the current changes (specifically about the definition of an OA group)


Decisions made:

  • The Bylaws committee will do a Bylaws workshop at the next Assembly.


Goals and Actions which will be completed by next assembly:

  • We have a budget.
  • Vision: List of questions an IG would ask themselves when doing bylaws; (Delyn); writing questions about their bylaws;  handout they could take back to reflect on do our bylaws meet our needs. Also the nuts and bolts of bylaws. When should you consider revisions? (Use the questions to determine if your IG Bylaws reflect “Who we are.”)
  • Freetelephoneconference.com; freeconference.com (Meet by phone)
  • Lisa Dee has set up an account for the calling info; She’ll send out an email to a website link to Doodle to set up the first meeting; those who don’t feel comfortable using Doodle can feel free to call her using the info on our sign-in sheet.
  • Do we want to do a PPT (Francoise has volunteered to do that)
    • Create the Handouts and materials for
    • Do the PPT to help the person running the workshop
    • IP becomes the property of R6
  • Assignment: Read your group bylaws; See what questions they spark; compare to Region or WSBC bylaws; or other IGs; send a list of questions to Lisa Dee; she’ll collate and send back to us.


Assignments and Deadlines:

  • Lisa D. – will handle the conference calling details
  • Dorothy and Delyn – will co-chair
  • Will meet as needed by phone conference; one member can’t do Sundays
  • No judgment by anyone; assume good intentions; raise concerns, ask for explanation.  All opinions welcome.



Committee Chair: Lynda B.

Committee Secretary: Nancy K.


Issues discussed during the meeting:

  • 2018 Convention – Need chairs for 2018 convention. Chuck and Karin are willing to consider co-chairing for 2018. They will explore which area might be the best to plan and schedule this. A proposal needs to come to the fall assembly for the 2018 convention.
  • 2017 Convention: three tasks to do for the convention: Go to the region 6 website
    • Register on line thru ticket leap
    • Purchase Meal plan
    • Then you will be transferred to register at hotel (need to register through OA website to get reduced rate).
  • Number to date: 306 convention registrations, 5 Banquets and 54 meal plans.
  • Book hotel on website to get rate traditional room $139 and premium Room is $159.
  • Registration is $50 Canadian, banquet is $50 Canadian and meal plan is $180 Canadian which includes banquet. If you don’t buy meal plan, you can plan to come into room after meal to hear speakers.
  • If you want to submit a tape for keynote, please submit to convention Chair, Chuck. We need four keynotes. Final date for submission is: April 22nd. Have to be registered in order to submit.


Decisions made:


Goals and Actions which will be completed by next assembly:

  • Chuck and Karin will explore which area might be the best to plan and schedule 2018.


Assignments and Deadlines:

  • Convention committee is going to do a site visit on May 28th.
  • Lynda will speak with someone to do decorations. And all committee Chairs have been assigned.
  • Register by August 15th to get $50 registration fee…please see flyers for specific rates for rooms, etc.
  • For those looking to register for service there will be a sign-up link sent to all those registered to allow them to pick their service.



Committee Chair: Lyn C., Region 6 Treasurer

Committee Liaise: Connie


Issues discussed during the meeting:

  • Goals accomplished since last Assembly:
    • GOAL 1: Reduce number of unknowns on Contribution Report – accomplished
      • How? Working as a team. We had 5 teleconferences since the last assembly
      • Created an updated contribution form informing members what we need to know
      • Asking for help from one another. Liaison fills in the missing info best she can.
    • GOAL 2: Canada can now contribute online – accomplished
      • How? Working with Website coordinator to find out a better way to use PayPal.
    • GOAL 3: Update Bylaws; motions on the Floor – Connie
    • GOAL 4: BUDGET & PowerPoint
  • Many “things” are missing from Policies and procedures
  • IG could be urged to contribute
  • Can we offer anything for small IGs and how to create a budget?


Decisions made:

  • Make a flyer for website download.


Goals and Actions which will be completed by next assembly:

  • Policy & Procedure for bounced checks – Pat & Char
  • Description and P&P of Finance Liaison – Connie and Sue
  • Budget Request Procedure – Diana & Jay
  • Website Finance page – All of us
  • Bylaws – Lyn


Assignments and Deadlines:

  • Conference Call on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 7:15 pm


Committee Chair: Don

Committee Secretary: Cheryl Y.


Issues discussed during the meeting:

  • IG Officer Workshops
    • Finishing Rochester workshop organizing
    • Organizing Toronto workshop – beginning steps
    • Sharing ideas from Intergroup and sharing of ideas learned from IG Officer Workshops.


Decisions made:

  • Specific names and info to be given to Wayne by April 21st for the Rochester training.
  • Find a Canadian liaison to work with the convention committee to determine how many Canadian intergroup members will attend Toronto workshop.


Goals and Actions which will be completed by next assembly:

  • Determine who will be going to Rochester and Toronto IG Office Workshops


Assignments and Deadlines:

  • Flyer for Toronto workshop to be made and distributed
  • Find a Canadian liaison to work with the convention committee to determine how many Canadian intergroup members will attend Toronto workshop.



Committee Chair: Claire M. from Nassau County IG

Secretary: Robin H. from Central Maine IG


Issues discussed during the meeting:

  • Temporary Chair was voted in. Election of Chair for full year will occur at Fall Assembly
  • Policy and Purpose of Committee read to explain purpose of PIPO
  • Committee members from the past year reviewed the development of PIPO proposal application form, instructions to complete application and the reporting follow-up information of Blitz results.
  • Procedure for PIPO provision of funds needs to be clarified from start to finish. This will be the task of committee in the coming months so IG’s have simple directions for the process. This will also clarify the roles and flow of communication between the IG, R6 Board and PIPO Committee.


Decisions made:

  • Application of Blitz application as it stands was approved by committee to be submitted to R6 Board for approval in June. Once approved, it will be able to be put on website for use by IGs.
  • The current form for reporting results of Blitz to the PIPO committee needs more review before being ready to submit to the Board. Committee will also consider having it is in the form of a fillable PDF.
  • Susan, as R6 Board mentor, will need to be included in the electronic communication loop for PIPO Chair to prevent lapse in communication and to stay abreast of all Blitz requests and their status.


Goals and Actions which will be completed by next assembly:

  • Chair will send all committee members a link to ZOOM for use of video/phone conferencing between assemblies.
  • Two sub-committees have been formed to review Procedures document and revision of Blitz follow-up form.
  • Susan will send to committee members the PIPO promotional flyer and sections of R6 Policies and Procedures and By-laws that pertain to PIPO


Assignments and Deadlines:

  • Nance and Sharon will begin reviewing Procedures for simplification and development of flow chart
  • Kara and Claire M. (from NH) will continue to work on the Blitz follow-up form. The committee will complete recommendations by next meeting so form may be submitted to the Board for approval.
  • Phone/video conference is scheduled for May 18th at 7PM



Committee Chair: Jeanette S.

Committee Secretary: Pauline S


Issues discussed during the meeting:

  • Whole committee-review handbook, goals, challenges, ideas, actions for diversity including atheists, reaching out to outsiders, minority groups, meeting format including diversity statement.


Decisions made:

  • We received money of $1,000.00 to use for grants for workshops in our budget. We will create a scholarship application and post on Region 6 website.
  • Created a subcommittee with several people for Unity with Diversity, and they went into their own discussion group.


Goals and Actions which will be completed by next assembly:

  • We will create a scholarship application for groups to apply for money to support Welcome Back Workshops
  • Give list of 5 reasons to have a Welcome Back Workshop
  • Design a template for a Welcome Back Workshop
  • Will make phone calls on the 12 of every month
  • Review the OA literature for 12 Step Within and relapse


Assignments and Deadlines:

  • Kelly will send us the template she has for the Welcome Back Workshop
  • Have the flyer for making phone calls posted to Region 6 website
  • Review the OA literature for welcome back and relapse information


Chair: Adam

Secretary: Jen W


Issues discussed during the meeting:

  • The Web and Pub Committee does not have specific Committee procedures. We decided to include basic procedures that other committees have and then we will work on something more detailed for the committee for next Assembly.
    • We decided we will include these three items:
      • Meetings are to be held at each Regional Assembly and at the discretion of the Chair
      • The Chair will be appointed by the Committee by a majority vote at the Fall Assembly
      • The members of the committee will be given the opportunity to share ideas and express needs from their areas
  • George suggested: Will make sure that all pertinent information is posted on the website in a timely manner
  • Attendance taken
  • Conference Calls: We have conference calls 1-2 times in between Assembly. Next call will be June 11 at 10:30 am
  • Convention Flyer in French: If R6 Convention Committee needs help with translation of materials, we can give them information for the professional translator we use
  • Assembly Bytes
    • Notes: Andrew will take the notes
    • Compilation: Mike will compile the notes into the Assembly Bytes
  • Workshop Planning. We are conducting the workshop this afternoon and the group discussed the outline and planned for the workshop.
    • Break into groups (5)
    • Tour of the Website- George (15 minutes)
    • Scavenger Hunt- George at front and two members with microphones fielding questions/providing support in the audience (25 minutes)
  • Translation of R6 Website
    • Carmen phoned in on Skype. Carmen is working to review the French translation of the site. First Carmen will translate what she can, then she will look at OA.org website to see what we can bring over that is already translated, then if further funds are needed, we will request funds by November 1 and by then we will need to have a detailed cost estimate
    • Deadline mid-October for Carmen to give George details of what we need to ask for translation for including word count
    • Sophie is our professional
    • Approved minutes from 2016 Spring Assembly, Letter from Debbie, Letter from Karin to translate. Once translated, we send them to Carmen for proof-reading and then we can publish them on the website.
  • Discussion of Committee Name: Should we change the name to attract more people to the committee so that they know that our committee includes writing newsletter content not just website maintenance crew. We will address this in our policies and procedures. George will mention this in his report in today’s Assembly meeting.




Decisions made:

  • We will ask Mike C to have the written up Assembly Bytes by April 15, 2017
  • We will have a conference call on June 11
  • We will work to create our committee policies and procedures details by next Assembly


Goals and Actions which will be completed by next assembly:

  • Publish Assembly Bytes by April 22, 2017
  • Ask the Board for approval of Assembly Bytes by April 20, 2017
  • Ask Mike C to have the written up Assembly Bytes by April 15, 2017
  • Conference call on June 11
  • Create our committee policies and procedures details by next Assembly


Assignments and Deadlines:

  • Deadline mid-October for Carmen to give George details of what we need to ask for translation for including word count
  • Carmen will proof-read the materials from Sophie so that they can be published to the website
  • We need to publish the English 2016 Spring Assembly and Fall 2016 letters from Karin and Debbie to the website. Jen will work with George to publish this
  • Adam will send out the conference call number to participants in advance of the June 11 conference call
  • Adam to reach out to Debbie and Karin to request for their letters this week. We will ask for them to get us their letters by June 3
  • We need to get the unapproved minutes from Susan by June 3. Adam will request it
  • Jen will ask Metro NYC Pub committee to proofread the unofficial minutes and the letters from Debbie and Karin
  • Carmen and Adam will work together to create a skeleton draft of our committees policy and procedures
  • We will send our policies and procedures to the board before next Assembly
  • Carmen will ask Dominique (from Carmen’s IG) to translate Assembly Bytes into French and if she is not open to it, George will ask Sophie to translate it. Carmen will send unapproved minutes to Dominique so that she can decide if she can translate

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