• Region 6 Assembly Convention Committee is a Region 6 Assembly standing committee
  • Purposes of the Assembly Convention Committee, a standing committee of the Region 6 Assembly:
    • Solicit and encourage R6 Intergroups and members to host conventions as a means of carrying the OA message of recovery while furthering OA unity and fellowship.
    • Review convention proposals and make a recommendation, in the form of a motion, to be considered by Region representatives at the Assembly.
    • Help ensure compliance with R6 policy and OA Traditions as they relate to R6 Conventions.
    • Raise funds, through Conventions, to ensure R6 stays financially sound.
    • Serve as a repository for critical information relative to recent past R6 Conventions.
  • Established by policy 006 – Conventions, of the Region 6 Bylaws
The Assembly Convention Committee is different from the Hosting Convention Committee

The Hosting Convention Committee is the committee formed by Region 6 members, local Intergroups, and/or local groups for the purpose of planning, organizing, and carrying out a Region 6 convention.

Assembly Convention Committee meetings
  • The Assembly Convention Committee meets during sessions of the Region 6 Assemblies.

To learn more about Conventions policy, please refer to policy 006 of the bylaws of the Region 6 Assembly of Overeaters Anonymous and to the policy procedures manual: https://oaregion6.org/about/bylaws/