Web and Pub at Fall assembly

The committee decided to halt its effort to combine intergroups’ Google Ad grants and coordinate a regionwide ad effort. Nearer the beginning of the pandemic, Google ads at one Region 6 Intergroup were increasing traffic to its website dramatically, and reaching a greatly increased number of newcomers especially.

It was proposed to try to broaden that effort by having the web and pub committee function as a coordinator of all intergroups that wanted to unite in a similar effort. More intergroups would have meant more ad-grant funding, more trusted servants to answer the inquiries generated, and centralized professional management of the effort.

In its investigation, the committee found that the professional management would have cost much more than expected. In the meantime, as the pandemic has eased, the traffic at the original Intergroup has fell to historical norms, suggesting that the phenomenon was related specifically to the times.

Meanwhile, the committee proposed to develop a podcast bank on the Region 6 website. Recordings from previous assemblies are already on the site, but the committee has several ideas for broadening the resource.

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