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The R6 Assembly met on Sept. 23 in Albany, NY. This is Karen S.’s report of events.

The orientation meeting was at 9 a.m.  Procedures of the assembly were explained thoroughly and a handout of the slideshow was given, as well as a written copy of basic parliamentary information. This meeting was very informative.

Forty-five delegates registered, including four new reps.  

OA has 11 regions. Region 6 has 701 meetings, 688 of affiliated with one of our 36 intergroups.

Carmen D., Region 6 chairwoman, opened the assembly, and asked among the newcomers for readings of the 12 Steps, Traditions, and Concepts. 

Officer reports had been emailed before the assembly, and a few corrections of them were made. All officer reports can be found on OA Region 6 website.

The treasurer, Debbie H., reported that in her report, ?figures for lines 49 and 51 had been transposed. Further, she explained that bank statements come on the 1st of the month, while reports are written as of the end of the month, so that numbers are not always quite in sync.

In response to a question, Debbie said that, roughly, costs have increased 20 percent since we last had an in-person convention, in 2019.

Beth B., the trustee liaison referred to a slide presentation that had been printed and left for each representative before the session started. The topic was about how conventions are hosted. The region is looking for an intergroup, or a few intergroups working as one, to host each year’s convention.

Convention raffle winners: were Laura W, Leona, and Kelly H.

Beth led the gathering through a “Traditions tune-up,” in which she covers a Traditions issue. She said: An OA member has a social media blog with over 11,000 views emailed a trustee to inquire if she was breaking a Tradition.  The Board of Trustees decided it is not because it was attraction, not promotion.  Also, she said, it is not a break of Tradition if a name of an entertainer is given at an OA event.  It is no different than giving out a name of a church. 

Another issue raised was diversity.  No matter what their outside issues, anyone is welcome in OA if they have a desire to stop eating compulsively.  A couple of questions have been brought up;  1. Only members can donate to OA. 2.  One can were a campaign button to a meeting but you can’t talk about it. It’s like wearing a T-Shirt with words on it. Though, she said, it may be allowed, but it’s also a good idea not to do it; and 3. It is not against Traditions to advertise meetings, paid or not.

At 11, the assembly broke into committee meetings, and when we recovered after lunch, these reports were given:

Bylaws: Completing an editorial cleanup of the bylaws, In progress is an update to bylaw #6. Job descriptions are requested from all members of the board.

Intergroup Outreach: Reviewing scholarships for WSBC, which includes a motion to be made at today’s meeting. The committee is also working on updating the intergroup contact list. And, the committee has a long-term goal of pairing up with another committee to perhaps work together on a project.

Public information and Professional Outreach: What to do with the budget? ( It was difficult to understand the speaker.(

Finance: The convention scholarship budget was discussed. A review of the region’s finances will be accomplished by the April 2024 Assembly. And a policy for reimbursements of expenses and deadlines was decided.

Convention: Looking for an intergroup to host the 2025 convention.  There were 650 attendees in 2019 and 250 are expected for this year. Also, the program committee chair gave information about signups to speak at this year’s convention, and asked for more volunteer.

Web/Publications: The committee has decided to halt its effort to combine intergroups’ Google Ad grants and coordinate a regionwide ad effort. A podcast bank is to be developed on the Region 6 website.

12th Step Within: The function of this committee was discussed, looking to create new literature on relapse/recovery information and all intergroups received a copy of the 12th Step Within Booklet.


  • WSBC: May 7-11, 2024
  • WSBC Financial Assistance application deadline 10/1/2024
  • New business or bylaw amendment motion due by 12/1/2023
  • Assembly Dates: 2024 – April 6 and Sept 21
  • Assembly Dates: 2025 – April 5 and September 20
  • Scholarship ad PIPO Blitz deadline is 2/6/2024 *USE NEW APPLICATION ONLINE – It has been revised
  • Save May 31–June 2, 2024, for the Western Mass Intergroup Retreat.

**Please send donations to Region 6 at this address:

OA Region 6, Box 95, Lynbrook NY 11563

Please put meeting number, day, and time on your donation.

Elections: Vice chair Kimberly C was elected chair. Lynda B was reelected coordinator, and Michael P was elected website and publications coordinator. Bob F. was affirmed as a trustee applicant.

Representatives chose Karen G. and Bruce R. as our representatives to the WSBC Reference Subcommittee, which meets during the World Service Business Conference. Chuck F. and Lynda B. are alternates.

The new business and the motions for bylaw/policy amendments is truly a way to watch and learn the principles of the program in action.  There were nine motions, though No. 9 was eliminated at the beginning.  The first two were referred to an adhoc committee. Three and eight were voted on a consent agenda, meaning they were considered small changes and didn’t require debate. That left four through seven, policy changes to the Convention Committee wording.  After lengthy discussion on each, only No. 5 was approved. It says that cochairs of the hosting convention committee shouldn’t be members of the region board, whenever possible. Twice during the discussions, a member asked that we all stop and say the Serenity Prayer.  It was a good way to redirect all involved as well as all others present.

After a short break, there was a skit about the convention, a raffle of 12 Traditions workbooks, and a ceremony acknowledging the four newcomer representatives to the assembly. A 7th Tradition was also taken.

We closed with the Serenity Prayer in both English and French.

It is a wonderful learning experience and fellowship for all.  Meeting new people from the region during the breaks, lunch, and the committee meetings is very enjoyable.

At past assemblies, time has been given for representatives to write on a common topic. At this session, the topic was given, but as homework, to allow for more fellowship while we were gathered together. The topic is, “A Balanced Life is a Happy Life,” and all OAers are invited to write and submit what they write. This is the address to share what you wrote: The writing topic submissions are posted on the website. Please consider a submission and submit to

Also, anyone going to the convention is asked to consider doing service. Many positions are open.

Yours in service,

Karen S

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