Fall 2016 Member Writing Question

How does doing service beyond the group level help my recovery?

My abstinence, connection to HP, and serenity are enhanced by doing service. As it has been said, “I cannot keep what I’ve been given, unless I give it away.”

I have a responsibility to do service so that I can continue to reap the benefits of this program.

I am prone to isolation so service keeps me connected to others and helps me take the focus off me. When I am doing service beyond the group level, I am mindful of OA as a whole and focus on the greater good.

I have accepted that service beyond the group level will enable me to lead a purpose-filled and healthy life…one day at a time.

-Kara (Ocean & Bay IG)

It connects me with other OA members in recovery who are also doing service from my area, region, country, and other countries. Together we can do more to support our OA membership than we could ever do alone. It also helps me to have opportunities to assist in making OA a stronger and more inclusive, newcomer-welcoming program.

-Jane H (North Shore IG)

Doing service above group level kept me in the rooms when I was depressed and wanted to run. I would never have stayed if not for the service I was doing.


Doing service beyond the group level is important to my recovery because it allows me to offer my experience, strength and hope to others and provides insurance as to how I can stay on the path of recovery and not relapse. It also allows me to meet many other people out of my geographic area and provide help in participating in the business end of the OA.

Also, Big Book reports that the more ways I can reach out to others helps combat my self-centered-ness.


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