Other conference actions

Sixteen posts about the World Service Business Conference appear “after” this one in the article list, but because R6 blog posts are shown “newest first,” you might think this is the first one. That’s worth mentioning because it’s really the last one; it seeks to wrap up actions that weren’t deemed to warrant individual posts. So, “also at conference”:

  • Delegates may now served a maximum of six consecutive years before having to rotate out, for at least a year.
  • A much-discussed proposal to allow groups that meet more than once a week to be listed as one meeting officially was eventually referred to the board for action. Apparently, Italy and possibly other countries, the rules defining a body’s quorum are defined by law. And service bodies were having trouble reaching a quorum when all the meetings are counted individually.
  • An individual no longer has standing to propose a bylaw amendment without backing by a service body.
  • Trustee candidates affirmed by a region, and later elected, will get first consideration to be assigned as that region’s trustee liaison. If more than one candidate is affirmed, the trustee liaison will come from among them. This codified what has been the board’s practice since “region trustees” became “region trustee liaisons.”

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