Tradition Seven states that: "Every OA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions".

World Service suggests that Seventh Tradition Contributions may be broken down as follows:
60% to your Local Intergroup, 30% to World Service (link at bottom of page), and 10% to Region 6.

For assistance in calculating the breakdown, enter your groups contribution and press enter.  
Your Local Intergroup Portion: 60%
World Service Portion: 30%
Region 6 Portion: 10%

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Region 6 Payment Options:

We are excited to now be able to offer Online Contributions via PayPal.


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Visit the Online Contributions Page and donate today!


We also accept contributions via snail mail.

If you would prefer to mail a check or money order, you can send your contribution (payable to OA Region 6) to:

New Mailing Address as of July 2017:

Region 6 Treasurer
P.O.Box 644
Peabody, Mass 01960

Please be sure to include the following information:

  • Group Number (not sure? Look it up HERE)
  • Meeting Location
  • Meeting Time
  • City and State/Province
  • Your Intergroup

Please use the R6 Contribution form (.pdf) (.docx) to submit and simplify your contribution
For breaking out contributions by individual group, use this Multiple Contribution Break Detail form (.pdf) (.docx)

If you are submitting a check via mail, there is no receipt returned (your cancelled check is your receipt) Questions may be sent via e-mail to our

More information on contributing to Overeaters Anonymous in general, as well as to the Overeaters Anonymous World Service Office, can be found here: Contribute to OA World Service

Our use of PayPal is not intended as an endorsement of PayPal, but a use of their service to help carry the message.



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Pour obtenir de l’aide dans le calcul de la répartition, entrez la contribution par groupe et appuyez sur ‘Enter’.   $
Portion de votre intergroupe local : 60 % $
Portion Service international : 30 % $
Portion Région 6 : 10 % $

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Options de paiement – Région 6 :

Consultez la Page des Dons en ligne et faites un don aujourd’hui!

Nouvelle adresse postale à partir de juillet 2017 :

  • Numéro groupe (vous n’êtes pas certain? Recherchez ICI)
  • Lieu de la réunion
  • Heure de la réunion
  • Ville et état/province
  • Votre intergroupe