The Region 6 Website is a central place to post all region events. You never know when someone will be traveling to your area and can take in your workshop or retreat. Please use the form below to submit your event information.

PLEASE NOTE: Events MUST be submitted via this form (below) for them to be added to the events calendar. Region 6 will no longer accept event posting requests sent directly by email.

New featureNow, have the option of giving both a contact email address and contact phone if you wish. Please make the appropriate selection.

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Please Note: Region 6 DOES NOT post calendar events for outside interests or organizations as this would be a violation of Tradition 6 (An OA group ought never endorse, finance or lend the OA name to any related facility or outside enterprise, lest problems of money, property and prestige divert us from our primary purpose.)

(If the event is over several days, use the end time on the last day.)
In order for the online map function to work we need the full address.
Include information such as Suggested Contribution (ex $5.00), Retreat information and cost, etc... The quality of your event posting is dependent on you providing good information.

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Intergroup website and/or event website will be included automatically (if available). Our calendar application now allows for both a contact phone and email address. The email address is now displayed in a manner that makes it more difficult for spammers to steal from the website.
NOTE: R6 does not post email addresses in which a person's name is identifiable beyond a first name (example: we would not post sallysmith(at) but sally(at) is acceptable.

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When uploading a document for inclusion in an event on the Region 6 events calendar, I acknowledge that Region 6 is not responsible for personal information contained within attached flyers or documents.