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Online contributions are fast, secure, and easy!
No postage, no waiting for the check to clear!

If you would like to contribute online, please fill in the fields below and upon submission, you will be automatically redirected to a new page where you can make your secure contribution via PayPal

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Contributions cannot be accepted without a meeting number or Intergroup number.
  • If you are unsure of your meeting or Intergroup number, visit the Meetings Page on (opens new page/tab), look up your meeting, and in the listing you will find your meeting number.
  • If you are contributing for multiple meetings, please enter "99999" and list individual meetings (including meeting numbers and amounts) below in comments area.
  • If this is an individual donation not connected to a meeting, enter "00000".
  • (Please note, numbers beginning with a "09" are Intergroup numbers and do not identify a specific meeting.)
(Location name, Church name, School name, etc... For individual contribution, enter N/A)
Please add information that may be helpful for our treasurer to process contributions.
If this is for multiple meetings, please list individual meeting numbers and amounts to ensure they receive appropriate credit for contributions.

After you click submit, you should automatically be redirected to the “Proceed to PayPal for Contribution Entry” where you will be able to complete the second step to make your contribution.

If you are not automatically redirected to the “Proceed to PayPal for Contribution Entry” page, please check your email for a link to access the page directly and continue with your contribution.

Please know that we value your anonymity and privacy very much and any information entered on this page will not be released outside of your trusted servants at Region 6 under any circumstances.

Our use of PayPal is not intended as an endorsement of PayPal, but is a use of their service to help carry the message.